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VINYL WASH - PRO and VINYL RINSE - PRO (two step record cleaning kit)

QUICK WASH-PRO is our one step record cleaning fluid which is based on the similar Enzymatic record cleaning formula found in our Vinyl Wash-Pro product but formulated with a different blend of Enzymes and requires no rinsing. As with all of our products, Quick Wash-PRO is also made using our ultra pure laboratory grade water which adds to the effectiveness of its cleaning power. Quick Wash-PRO is intended to be used on moderately dirty records only or records that just need a quick re-clean. Quick Wash-PRO safely removes mold release chemicals found in the record pressing process, loosens and dissolves a wide range of contaminants, including protein based and organic contaminants. Safe to use on all types of vinyl records including shellac type records and contains no alcohol or lubricants. Can be used manually or with any type of record cleaning machine.

32 oz. bottle  $45.00 ea.

CD CLEAN-PRO is a highly effective Polycarbonate cleaning formula specially  designed to safely and gently remove the waste molecules left behind from the pressing process. Loosens and dissolves a wide range of contaminants, including protien and organic based contaminates. CD CLEAN-PRO contains no alcohol and is incredibly pure, leaving no residue behind and will not break down the disc's polymers. Safe to use on all Polycarbonate discs such as CD's, SACD and DVD's. Each bottle contains 4 oz. of cleaning fluid which is enough to clean  approximately 300 discs. Also includes one lint free micro-fiber cleaning cloth.

4 oz. bottle & cleaning cloth  $27.00 ea.

STYLUS CLEAN-PRO is a ultra-pure formula blended with a specific lab grade detergent. Our Stylus Clean-PRO is designed to remove the build up of contaminates left behind on the stylus after record play and safe to use for daily cleaning. Stylus Clean-PRO contains no alcohol, lubricants or harsh chemicals. It will not deteriorate or damage the epoxies adhering the stylus to the cantilever. Cleaning your stylus regularly prevents stylus ware and also record groove damage protecting your records from abrasion damage caused by dirt that has adhered to the stylus tip. Stylus Clean-PRO is quick and easy to use, just take the supplied applicator brush and gently wipe only across the tip of the stylus using the tip of the applicator brush three or four times and your done ready to play records. We recommend using Stylus Clean-PRO after each listening session. Please note if you have played many many records and have neglected to clean your stylus on a regular basis expect the stylus not to be cleaned with one cleaning attempt, it can take several cleanings to remove the layers of gunk that has built up and adhered itself to the stylus tip.

1/2 oz. bottle / includes applicator brush $45.00 ea.

VINYL WASH-PRO is a multi element, extra strength, laboratory grade Enzymatic Formula designed to clean very soiled records. It also functions as a pre-cleaner for extra dirty records. Vinyl Wash-PRO removes mold release chemicals found in the record pressing process, loosens and dissolves a wide range of contaminants including protein based and organic contaminants. Safe for all types of vinyl records including. Vinyl Wash-PRO must be followed up using a high purity water rinse.

VINYL RINSE-PRO is our record rinse which is the final step to our 2 step cleaning process. The ultra-pure laboratory grade water goes through multiple stages of filtration. This process removes contaminates such as trace minerals, microscopic organic matter, chemicals, bacteria and microbiological particles. Our ultra-pure water meets or exceeds ASTM standards for water quality.

32 oz. kit includes one bottle of wash & one bottle rinse  $75.00

32 oz. Vinyl Wash-PRO $55.00ea

32 0z. Vinyl Rinse-PRO $20.00 ea

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