​    Simon C.   (Florida)

No need to sugar coat anything here, the Unity Audio Vinyl Wash-PRO and Vinyl Rinse-PRO does exactly what it promises, gets the records very clean. As a result the sound quality improves. Pops are reduced or eliminated and everything in the sound spectrum is improved. But the shocker for me was that even after cleaning records that were already cleaned with other known washes, the sound quality improved significantly. I definitely would recommend it to anyone.

Customer Testimonials:

    Mathew J.  (CALIFORNIA)

I tried out the cables from Unity audio design and they did wonders in my system. My gear consists of Zesto Audio preamp and the Bia 120. The power cords have good synergy with the Bia 120 and the best performance was when it was plugged directly into the wall outlet. Look and feel of the cables are top notch and highly recommended. The sound stage and depth really popped right in with these cables.

    Howard A.  (FLORIDA)

I have always purchased very excellent power cables from highly regarded manufactures but decided to try something different on my high current-demanding Pass XA 100.5 power amplifiers. The power cables are amazing - solid construction, expert assembly, and, if power cords can be attractive, these are. The prices from Unity Audio make these very affordable for audiophiles who want something special for their equipment. When I upgraded power cords in the past on my amplifiers I would be very satisfied because of the increased tightness and detail in the bass. These cables have a major impact on the  "fullness" at EVERY frequency level. This cable appears totally neutral but, IMHO, allows the amplifier to reach its design potential. Unity Audio Design is a first class company and the quality of product and follow-up support is the best. 

Thanks Unity,

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    Bill M.  (CALIFORNIA)

I've been using Jeff's power cords in all three of my systems for several years now and love them. Their combination of super-high quality, large-gauge OCC wire and Furutech FI-50 ends give me exactly what I want in a power cord: they're quiet, liquid, dynamic, organic, and present all the fine micro-details without exaggerating or spot-lighting any part of the audio spectrum. I've owned more expensive offerings from manufacturers like LessLoss, Shunyata, Synergistic, and WireWorld. Jeff's cables have replaced them all, and offer a much better value.

    Greg R.   (California)

I have been using Unity Audio Design cleaning and rinse fluids since last September, just wanted you to know that in all the decades I have been cleaning LP's, yours is the first process that has made me go back and begin re-cleaning my favorite records, yes there is that much difference - a noticeable reduction in the noise floor and in evidence of manufacturing residues. Thank you for the aural pleasures these products provide.

Greg R.

    Dewey L.  (California)

I've used from Audioquest, Wireworld, Nordost Vahalla, and few other line of cables, but after putting in Unity Audio Design I was surprised the high, mid, and bass improvements. Definitely worth. Thanks!

    Richard B.  (CALIFORNIA)

I came across Unity Audio Design while researching AC power cords. Looking to improve my understanding of 
the AC power cord and how this addition would hopefully improve my system and ultimately my listening pleasure. I have a modest budget and a modest system. My passion is vinyl and sound quality is important to me. I called Unity Audio Design and was met with over an hour of an extremely enthusiastic and informative phone conversation. I came away with a better understanding of the power cord, more information in less time and in one place. I could feel the passion he has for not just high end audio but for what he feels for audio in general, I never felt that when we were finished talking that there was any expectations to purchase. I had come away from that experience feeling like I had just discovered a friend and nothing more. I called back a week later after going through my Stereophile and The Absolute Sound and Robert Harleys Complete Guide to High End Audio publications and placed an order for power cords to my Krell Evolution 302, Manley Jumbo Shrimp, Manley Chinook and Fosgate Signature Phono Stage. The AC power cords arrived about a week later and they were burned in ready to go. I felt the cost of the cords were very competitively priced. The results were immediate, I could hear and feel the difference. There was clarity that I had not experienced through my system prior to installing these new power cords. I highly recommend giving the Unity Audio Design power cords an audition. These cords appearance wise have proved to be a beautiful addition to the look and feel of my system.  

    Allen H.  (NEW JERSEY)

I've recently re-built my system after being away from the hobby for 10+ years.  I tried one Shunyata Zitron Anaconda PC for my Rowland amp and loved it.  I thought it had transformed the amp.  So I purchased a full loom of Shunyata PCs, including the Triton PLC.  I decided to try two PCs from Unity Audio after seeing a post about them on a website.  I did A/B comparisons against the Shunyata PCs I had.  Unity Audio's PC-1 did what the Shunyata PCs did but took it to a whole new level.  Yet one more level of grunge was removed.  The proverbial veil was lifted and I can hear more deeply and clearly into the soundstage.  Images also seemed more focused and full bodied.  I first thought I heard low level notes I never heard before using the Unity's PC-1, but then I put back Shunyata's Anaconda and sure enough they were there, but it was somewhat hidden behind a layer of hash.  The PC-1 removed that hash and allowed me to hear those low level notes  with ease.  And while the PC-1 removes noise from the sound, it doesn't add anything to it either.  It seems completely neutral top to bottom as others have pointed out.

Unity Audio PCs have replaced my Shunyata PCs.  In the cable world of smoke and mirrors, it's refreshing to see actual specs of materials used. I look forward to seeing what new quality products Unity Audio have in store for the future. They are quality products at very reasonable prices.