Each bottle contains 1.25 oz. of cleaner and includes four lint free cleaning swabs,       one mini nylon bristle brush and one lint free micro fiber cleaning cloth. $30

Vinyl Wash-PRO is the first cleaning step of our two step record cleaning kit. Vinyl Wash-PRO is a Lab grade Multi-Element Enzyme based / Detergent record cleaning formula, designed to dissolve a wide range of contaminants including bacterial growth, protein based compounds, organic contaminants and release chemicals used in the vinyl pressing process. Vinyl Wash-PRO contains no alcohol, no lubricants and completely safe for all types of LP records including shellacs. Vinyl Wash-PRO should always be followed up with our Vinyl Rinse-PRO water rinse for best results.

Vinyl Rinse-PRO is an extremely pure water rinse used for the final cleaning / rinse step of our two step record cleaning kit. Vinyl Rinse-PRO goes through a Multi-Stepped filtration and de-ionizing process that meets the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) water purity rating. Every batch is then tested to insure the quality meets laboratory standards. Vinyl Rinse-PRO is safe for all types of LP records including shellacs, can be used to clean your applicator brushes or vacuum pick up tubes. Leaves no sonic residual behind. 

           Two step record cleaning kit includes the following:

One 32 oz. bottle of Vinyl Wash - PRO

One 32 oz. bottle of Vinyl Rinse - PRO

$79 each kit  

Signal Clean - PRO is a special formulated contact cleaner designed to remove contamination and oxidation from audio / video connectors, electrical connections and improves conductivity. Its safe for all plated and non-plated surfaces.

Signal Clean - PRO is suitable for RCA, XLR, Spades, Banana, AC plugs, AC Receptacles, Vacuum Tube Pins, Electrical connections and more. We recommend cleaning all your audio and video connectors at least twice per year. Signal Clean - PRO leaves no residue of any type

VINYL WASH - PRO / VINYL RINSE - PRO  two step record cleaning kit

STYLUS CLEAN - PRO  Stylus Cleaner

Each bottle contains 1/2 oz (14.5ml) of STYLUS CLEAN - PRO  cleaning fluid and Includes one applicator brush. $25 

SIGNAL CLEAN - PRO  Contact Cleaner

STYLUS CLEAN - PRO is an advance formulated water based / lab grade detergent stylus cleaner that effectively removes adhered deposits and contaminates from the stylus. 

STYLUS CLEAN - PRO prevents record groove damage caused by a dirty stylus and also extends the life of the stylus. Its safe for all types of stylus pick-ups and will not damage the epoxies used to adhere the stylus to the cantilever. We recommend using STYLUS CLEAN - PRO after each listening session. For neglected styluses that may have not been cleaned in months or even years expect several stylus cleanings to rid the baked on deposits.

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