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Welcome to Unity Audio Design.

Unity Audio Design is a family owned manufacturing company located in Pleasanton, California about 45 miles east of San Francisco. With over 30 years of experience in high performance audio development, electrical wiring expertise, and audio retail, Unity Audio Design was established for the purpose of bringing reference grade cable products, record cleaning fluids and accessories to the market at realistic, high value prices.

Our sonic standards are based upon a no-compromise approach with an emphasis toward system neutrality. While many competing products often exhibit exaggerated characteristics, in effect performing as tone controls, Unity Audio Design believes that a system and its components should be heard at their natural best.

Unity Audio Design products incorporate the finest materials. hand built quality and made here in the USA. Each of our products are thoroughly inspected and evaluated to ensure perfect sound and product reliability.

Given your choice of so many products in the high performance audio industry, we encourage you to try our products to assess their value for yourself.

Thank you for considering Unity Audio Design.

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